Ice queens

Here’s two gradings of the same set of images from a recent hair shoot with Ian at Ocean, Cardiff. The brief was to produce a futuristic feel but with a slightly unfinished look to the hair.

After a lot of debate, we finally settled on the first set with the blue metallic skin tones. We liked the way the cool and smooth skin tones contrast with the hair’s warmer tones and textures – helping the hair stand out. This set also seemed to fit the brief really well.

But I’m sure I could have made a decent case for the second set (the original approach) with the more natural skin tones. I’m still not sure if I don’t actually prefer these as they’re more subtle and a lot less ‘Photoshopped’. Photoshop is a great programme but sometimes it just gives you too much choice!

Models: Zana, Valencia, Florence and Charlie. Styling by Clair Rawlings and make-up by Shevaun.






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