In the deep

Mixing large bodies of water with expensive camera gear is rarely a good idea. I once fell (well, I was pushed) into the sea while I was shooting with a Hasselblad. The camera didn’t survive. And I didn’t really care as it belonged to the person doing the pushing!

So, it was a bit of a worry having 365 gallons of water sloshing about in the studio for a few days but all was fine and no Hasselblads were hurt in the making of these pictures. I can’t say the same for the models who nearly froze to death despite our efforts with kettles and pool heaters! Lizzy, in the first pic, had it even worse as there was a fire drill while we were in the middle of her shoot. She ended up in the car park, dripping wet and covered in towels to keep her warm – much to the amusement of everyone else on the drill. Trooper that she is though, after the drill was over she went straight back into the studio and plunged (as in ‘stepped gingerly’) back into the pool.

I hope the pics were worth it so special thanks to the models: Lizzy, Immy and Harriet. Also, thanks to Eve-Marie Parry for the make-up and to Gabriella for the assistance.

lizzy_final immy_final harriet_final

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