The Mac

I love the slightly creamy, low-saturation look we’ve achieved in these images from a recent studio shoot for The Mac –

They were shot on a Canon 5D mklll with 24mm – 105mm f4 zoom lens, tethered to Capture One Pro 8 which is easily my favourite raw processor, and possibly my favourite software of all. Working tethered on a shoot like this is essential, as you can set up your grade in the test shots and monitor exactly what you’re getting as the shoot progresses. Working hard on the look at the start of the shoot pays off in the final post production phase and it’s interesting that the final images are almost identical to the ones captured on the day, with just a bit of skin retouching to finish off.

Shooting tethered is also good for the rest of the creative team, as it gives the models, make-up artist, hair stylist and stylist a great idea of what you’re after and helps them to create just the right feel.

This set was a very simple one light set-up, with just a Broncolor mini-Cumulite (a perspex-fronted softbox) over the top of the camera. The only other elements were 4 8’x4′ poly-boards either side of the models; two white boards in front and slightly facing the models to give some soft front-fill, and two black boards just behind the models to create a shadow outline, helping to ‘pull’ the models out of the background.

The fabulous models are Jasmine B and Rui Liu, hair is by Sam Ashford at Ocean, Cardiff, and make-up by Rhianne Evans. Clients Justine Jones and Lorna Oakley did everything else, including styling (Lorna) and making lunch (Justine)! Top work, ladies!!

The Mac 27082015-03-03 The Mac28022015-03-03 The Mac24792015-03-03 The Mac2266

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