Team KDP

This is us, the team that makes Keith Davies Photography. And you thought it was just me.

That’s me in the crumpled shirt, and as you’ve already guessed by now, I’m the photographer. In fact, that should have read ‘award winning’ photographer. Awards include: 25m swimming badge, Best Dog in Show and winner of the Polaroid competition for Best UK Advertising Photography Student, 1981. I’ve photographed people from Tom Jones to Ryan Jones, and from Meg Ryan to Mystic Meg. Okay, not Mystic Meg, but I couldn’t resist. I shoot things too. Things to eat and drink, things to sit on and things to wear. In fact, for anything that can loosely be described as a thing, then I’m your man.

At my feet is Alfie the dog, often to be found sleeping under my desk at the studio. In his spare time Alfie likes chasing balls, swimming in the sea and looking on hopefully at meal times.

Then that’s Rebecca on the left of shot. She’s the doer and organiser around here. Think Monica from Friends meets Nurse Ratched and you’re close. No one has more drive than Rebecca; she’s the beating heart of KDP. But there’s another side too – a natural blonde who eats natural yogurt and likes natural history (her being from Pembrokeshire, an’ all). She’ll still kick your arse on a tennis court, though.

Sitting on the stool is Nick. Nick used to run a highly successful repro business before selling it all to concentrate on a life of hedonism… and now works with us. Nick builds sets, lifts heavy things and drives a big truck. Cool. He’s also got an ‘alternative’ view of the world which not only challenges received wisdom, but is hugely entertaining too. Often to be seen late night shopping for reduced stuff in Tesco. No, really.

Finally, and on the right, there’s Lynda. With a ‘y’. Tells you all you need to know. Oh go on, here’s some more: Lynda is our stylist. Need to source that rare and expensive antique prop that will make your shot? No chance with Lynda. But she will find you something on the High Street that will cost a fraction of the price and look exactly the same in a photograph. And she’ll return it to get your money back afterwards. If her face looks familiar, it’s because you’ve seen it on a wanted poster at the returns desk at John Lewis.

So that’s us, a well-oiled (occasionally too well-oiled) team of professional creatives, working together to turn your ideas into great images. Pick up the phone and you’ll probably get Rebecca or me, and we’ll be happy to talk about your project, whatever size, whatever budget. Look forward to hearing from you.

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