Location, location, location

We recently spent a very enjoyable and productive two weeks shooting office furniture on location in Bristol. Although there was a pretty punishing schedule to meet, the whole fortnight was so well organised by all involved that we completed everything asked of us with time to spare – and even managed to squeeze in a few extra shots!

A major reason for the shoot running so smoothly was the great relationship between client and art director. The client gave our art director, Ceri Lovett from Stills, the freedom to get exactly the shots he was after, but was on hand with help and advice whenever it was needed. Ceri had a really clear vision of the images he was after so was able to give us really great, strong art direction.

One of the problems we faced was that we didn’t have enough product on site to populate some of the big shots that Ceri had in mind. For instance, for the first shot below we only had three of the blue/black chairs and only half the number of desks, monitors, lamps, etc. So the shot is a composite of around eight separate exposures – which took some organising! Also, with the daylight outside constantly changing it was a challenge for us, both on the shoot and in post production, to keep all the exposures exactly the same and all pin sharp from front to back.

Fortunately, we’re using some of the best equipment and software on the market  – and we took enough of it with us, see the last pic below! So this particular image was shot on our Hasselblad camera with Leaf digital back and Hasselblad 35mm lens. Processing was done on site in Capture One 6.3.3 and lighting was a balance of daylight and our lovely Broncolor flash.

I think the results are well worth the effort and I can’t wait to see the final printed brochure and updated website.

Office furniture

Office chair

All packed and ready to go!

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