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Perfect people?

Pretty much everything I shoot has some element of retouching involved before the final image is delivered to my client. Often it’s just small things, removing the odd blemish on a product, for example. And sometimes it’s more fundamental, dropping in backgrounds, multi-layered composites, etc. All of this is just part of the process these […]


This is my shooting space. A few people have asked about it, so I thought I’d post a pic. The big light hanging from the overhead tracking system is a 2m x 1.2m Broncolor Cumulite, a fantastic bit of kit that I use to shoot everything from roomsets to tiny pieces of jewellery. It outputs […]

Food (glorious food)

I seem to be shooting more and more food these days. (I’m also eating more and more food, but that’s another story).┬áThese are from of a series shot last week, with art direction calling for a clean, high-key look. Food styling is by the amazingly talented Alison Huw, who is always a joy to work […]

Principality billboard shoot

Just came across this alternative version of a shot I did for the Principality Building Society earlier in the year. The people were shot in the studio in one hit. The background, which was shot in -6 degrees temperatures in the foothills of the Brecon Beacons, was then dropped in behind – after the snow […]