Still life


Over the past four or five months, we’ve been working almost exclusively on the launch of a new sofa brand, Couch ( It’s been one of the most interesting and rewarding projects I’ve worked on in a long while. We were lucky enough to have great clients who were open to new ideas and very supportive […]

One room, three sofas

We wrapped up an eight-week studio roomset shoot just before Christmas. Here’s a set of three images from one of the sets. A bit more mood than some we shoot. Thanks to assistant, Francesca Jones; Lynda Shell for the styling; and Nick Stuart for help on the set build.

Location, location, location

We recently spent a very enjoyable and productive two weeks shooting office furniture on location in Bristol. Although there was a pretty punishing schedule to meet, the whole fortnight was so well organised by all involved that we completed everything asked of us with time to spare – and even managed to squeeze in a […]

A nice bit of bling

Jewellery 1

Hi everyone, I just thought I would write a few words to introduce myself. As Keith mentioned I’m working at the studio to build on the business and add to our client base to hopefully keep things fresh and interesting for everyone involved. So far I have been burying myself in research learning all I […]

Bara Brith

Happy New Year! Here’s a few images I shot for my wife Jen’s food blog at All the images on her blog are shot at home, and mostly on the kitchen table, with a hand-held DLSR. We hope to shoot a lot more out in the garden this year, if it ever stops snowing. […]

Food (glorious food)

I seem to be shooting more and more food these days. (I’m also eating more and more food, but that’s another story). These are from of a series shot last week, with art direction calling for a clean, high-key look. Food styling is by the amazingly talented Alison Huw, who is always a joy to work […]