Kirstie Allsopp shoot

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing the lovely Kirstie Allsopp at her home in Devon for Channel 4’s Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas. It’s currently running on Channel 4 as you can see from the C4 website screen grab below. Kirstie was brilliant, by the way. Super nice to us and everyone else on […]

Ice queens

Here’s two gradings of the same set of images from a recent hair shoot with Ian at Ocean, Cardiff. The brief was to produce a futuristic feel but with a slightly unfinished look to the hair. After a lot of debate, we finally settled on the first set with the blue metallic skin tones. We liked the way the cool and smooth […]

Wild and Wonderful

Wild and Wonderful is a new venture set up by a couple of friends of mine, Becky and Anna. Their aim is to lure kids away from their TV’s and iPads and out to explore the great outdoors. The already have a brilliant range of toys, games and the like to help kids, and their parents, re-discover the joys […]

Not bad, Jonesy

This lovely image was shot by Francesca Jones, who works with me here at the studio. It’s been chosen for the AOP Open Exhibition, which is on at The Truman Brewery, London, from 18th-21st October. For those who aren’t familiar with the AOP, or the Association of Photographers, it’s the UK’s leading body for commercial photographers […]

First pics with new 50 megapixel Hasselblad H4D

I took delivery of my new Hasselblad H4D-50 last week, so shot this quick test to get up and running. The shoot was tethered to and processed in Phocus (Hasselblad’s RAW processor), which produces beautiful files from the H4D. So a big workflow change from Capture One Pro but looks like it’s going to be […]

One model, two looks

This is the super-gorgeous Signe from sunny (!) Lithuania. We had the pleasure of working with all 5’11” of her on a recent hair shoot. Both sets use pretty-much identical lighting with the difference being through post production in Capture One Pro 7. No Photoshop used on these. Hair on first set by Helen @ […]

Annelies Kruidenier

This is the second time I’ve photographed singer Annelies at the studio. She’s great fun to work with and always puts 100% effort into the shoot. I really like the lighting on both sets – each very simple but effective. Make-up by awesome Emma Ashton!

Barcelona with my new Fuji x100

Street scene

Mrs D and I were in Barcelona recently, on a sort of work/leisure extended weekend. I bought a new camera for the trip – a Fuji x100. It’s essentially a posh compact, with a fixed-focal length lens, a large sensor (for a compact) and 1950’s ‘rangefinder’ styling! It’s had lots of good press, so I […]

‘Behind-the-scenes’ at Ocean hair shoot

Here’s a quick peek behind the scenes during a recent hair shoot for the stylists at Ocean. Over a hectic two-day period, we shot over 20 models for ten stylists. The shoot was organised by Casey Coleman at Ocean, who I have to thank for doing a great job of getting it all together. As […]

Experience the Nineties

There’s a lot of people in the studio today for a 90’s inspired fashion shoot. With so much going on I thought I’d jot down what’s happening and take some pictures behind the scenes. The shoot today is the creation of Lucy Phillips. Lucy has been working alongside Keith for a few months gaining valuable […]

A little bit of north light

Shot these a few weeks ago for the hugely talented fashion stylist, Ieuan Davidge. I really like this ‘north light’ style of image – Irving Penn being a bit of a hero of mine. This particular flavour of north light was created by my Broncolor Cumulite, captured on a Leaf/Hasselblad combo and processed in Capture […]

Perfect people?

Pretty much everything I shoot has some element of retouching involved before the final image is delivered to my client. Often it’s just small things, removing the odd blemish on a product, for example. And sometimes it’s more fundamental, dropping in backgrounds, multi-layered composites, etc. All of this is just part of the process these […]