Wild and Wonderful

Wild and Wonderful is a new venture set up by a couple of friends of mine, Becky and Anna. Their aim is to lure kids away from their TV’s and iPads and out to explore the great outdoors. The already have a brilliant range of toys, games and the like to help kids, and their parents, re-discover the joys […]

El Campo

A couple of images shot out in the ‘campo’ of Andalucia last summer. I love the structure in all these plants when seen up close, even though they’re scorched to a crisp by the intense heat. Shot on my Fujifilm X-Pro1, with an XF60mm, f2.4 macro lens.  

Barcelona with my new Fuji x100

Street scene

Mrs D and I were in Barcelona recently, on a sort of work/leisure extended weekend. I bought a new camera for the trip – a Fuji x100. It’s essentially a posh compact, with a fixed-focal length lens, a large sensor (for a compact) and 1950’s ‘rangefinder’ styling! It’s had lots of good press, so I […]

Location, location, location

We recently spent a very enjoyable and productive two weeks shooting office furniture on location in Bristol. Although there was a pretty punishing schedule to meet, the whole fortnight was so well organised by all involved that we completed everything asked of us with time to spare – and even managed to squeeze in a […]